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The Hanging Chad

When your whole world is crumbling in,
There is no hope in sight..,
Keep your head up,
Be on guard,

You can see a little bird in flight..,

When the world around you breaks down,
There seems to be no hope no might still don't fret..,
The gravitational pull may take some down,
Look within,

There is a helping hand by which you can depend,
The ancient prophets spoke of a given time and place..,
Yet this came not in a form of a spaceship from outer space ?
Where is our famed plight ?
As a beacon of hope,
Perhaps in some concept of light !

To a much hurting world in dire need,
There are many their be who want to watch you bleed.,
I'd like to be spread out like butter;
Yet I'm the over weight lover from another mother,
Brother !

We still can see visibly through a tiny portal,
Hence, then in an instant.,
What we do today will forever be echoed throughout all eternity !
Focus is still the essential key
To life's difficult struggles and longevity !
What is this forever to symbolically mean ?
For some maybe a brief interpretation.,
Other's tend to take a rest,
On a long awaited unexpected vacation..,

Look at the life of Job who knew,
When other's around him had no single clue ?
The three friends came to help with dust flying in the air !
A fine brewing mist,
We brought nothing into this world,
It is for certain we can bring nothing out..,
Coming straight up out of the lattice floor,
A modest decor of fine apparel.,
Now stop sleeping around with that two bit whore !

Lest I should implore,
A question or a comment..,
For far too many there be today,
Who will lie in wait to deceive !
This is what makes the average heart grieve !
We have become captivated with the mass media..,
While a storm is brewing outside our tents !
Search for the many hanging chads ?

Scorned to elect a strange passing fade !
For some they have grown,
Yet a little bit camera shy !
It's they Hollywood mentality !
That pizza place where uncle Tony used to frequent.,
That joint doesn't exist anymore !
Hence, the opened door.,
A passing facade lest I should implore,

Back then a little boy with a smile,
Yet he knew all the great while !
A pen on paper,
The stereo nor caper..,
Me and Eric B and a nice full plate of fish !
For some the pen is mightier then the sword.,
One word spoken in the dark..,
Has now been brought into the light !

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