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My Goodness

The Goodness

I've dabbled some in poetry
short stories and the like,
I've found myself reflecting
on the sorrows of my life,

I've written through my fantasies
and lost myself in a dream,
I've thrown away my morals
yet I've found a realer me

I've drifted over oceans
from those tears I cry at night
I've searched into the hours
of which form my greatest plights

I've listened to each person
as they wile away their lives,
I've wondered from beginning
whether love was truth or lie

I've seen the hate among us
how an evilness can be,
But now my spirit is glowing
for the goodness lives in me

It seems along the way
I've heard the tales of good and bad,
the years I walk this planet
prove to me they are a fact

In every waking moment
there are things we must decide,
and some much more than others
can determine our look on life

But as we go along, some blinded by hate,
and in despair, a feeling we are not alone
soon comes to fill the air

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