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we thirst yet for what
we bitch, grieve & pout
carry nothing of what life is truly about
we had constructed pryamids to honor are dead
what is going on inside are head
woman's liberation is headed out across the nation
but what are they truly liberated from
we have become the walking dead with tombstone inside are heads
creating a god called self
better off putting that right back on the shelf
the evil man is greedy & cares nothing for the needs
the righteous man will shine in there eteranal home
each of us has a willingness to succeed
others need to stay humbled by getting knocked to there knees
what are you searching
what are you looking in the dark
to light the inner spark to what I need to know
blowing up there ego or let it flow
there is a line beging drawn in the sand
hopefully someday you will understand
we clamour for gold but it ends in ashes
once this life if through there is no free passes
some insist on going it alone but why even bother
like a dog without its bone that was unleashed by its collar

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