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 ONCE USED Life 10/2/2018
 HIDDEN WORLD Dark Poetry 9/29/2018
 NEVER IN A MILLION YEARS Love Gone Bad 9/23/2018
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I check my watch...he's VERY late!
I know we set this special date
To talk about my brand new book
And how I want the thing to look!

He said he has some AWESOME lines
That almost certain are divine!
And now he doesn't even show...
I guess that's how this 'book thing' goes.

I write and write and write some more...
He FINALLY waltzes through the door.
He adds a word or wow.
And what's he want from me right now? my mind there's nothing left
But worn out words which are bereft.
I sit me down to contemplate,
But all my thoughts are just half rate.

The hour is late and I'm SO tired
I'd like to get his post retired!
But in the morning, there he sits.
I fetch my pen.......this is the pits!

Simplicity SFITB Challenge with sirlancalot (Rich P)
Challenge Phrase: 'nothing left but ______'
Phrase used: my mind there's nothing left
But worn out words which are bereft.

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