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 A SPECIAL GIFT Life 2/20/2017
 SITTING RECLUSIVE Inspirational Poems 2/19/2017
 IN HIS PRESENCE Inspirational Poems 2/19/2017
 I MAY LIE DOWN AND DIE Humorous Poems 2/18/2017
 WHY WON'T THEY STOP? Humorous Poems 2/18/2017
 COME ON AND BRUSH YOUR TOOTH Birthdays 2/17/2017
 WHY DOES IT NOT EXIST? Spiritual Poems 2/17/2017
 TAKE THE BALL AND RUN! Insight 2/17/2017
 TRAIL RIDE Cowboy Poems 2/17/2017
 CITY SLICKERS Humorous Poems 2/17/2017
 REMEMBERING MOM I Love You 2/14/2017
 A LOVERS ALPHABET Love 2/14/2017
 WOUNDED HEART Misc 2/14/2017
 MY VALENTINE FOR JESUS I Love You 2/13/2017
  GOING HOME Misc 2/13/2017
 IT WAS MEANT TO BE Misc 2/12/2017
 I SAW THEM HUDDLED Life 2/12/2017
 WHEN THE TIME COMES Inspirational Poems 2/12/2017
 ALL WE LIKE SHEEP Inspirational Poems 2/10/2017
 TEST DRIVE...1908 Misc 2/10/2017
 WINTER ME Life 2/10/2017
 KISS THE CLOUDS Misc 2/9/2017
 A DIFFERENT RIDE Misc 2/9/2017
 THEN UP I LOOKED Spiritual Poems 2/5/2017
 QUESTIONABLE SNOWMAN Humorous Poems 2/2/2017
 HOW CAN WE NOT BELIEVE? Life 2/2/2017
  ''LOOK AT ME!'' Life 2/2/2017
 SHINRIN-YOKU Life 2/2/2017
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You've been given a special gift.
Priceless....and sent from above.
They're always looking up to you
For guidance and for love.

It's quite an awesome place to be...
Seen from their guiltless eyes.
No other place on earth is like
The value of this prize.

Don't take for granted anything...
Be mindful of your steps.
They look to you and try to fill
The shoes that you have left.

And just as they look up to you,
So you must look to Him.
For wisdom, strength and love to give
Your everything to them.

''Cherish the children.''

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