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 SOLID GOLD Misc 3/8/2017
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The light that shines in darkness is
The one that fills my heart.
It's from a Friend that's always near...
He never will depart!

He left His home and family,
To come to earth one day.
He's standing our side
And hears us when we pray.

A Holy Child was born to die
Because of all OUR sin!
He's knocking on your hearts' door now...
Please, will you let Him in?

The pain He suffered on the cross,
Because of you and me...
Did not compare to what He felt
When Father could not see...

Or look upon Him on the cross
Because of all OUR sin.
God the Father, God the Son
Two hearts were broken then!

None other could have worthy been
To give His life for me.
To Him I give my all.
Forever shall it be!

Word Painting with Lori (jamieclaire)

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