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  ''LOOK AT ME!'' Life 2/2/2017
  GOING HOME Misc 2/13/2017
  THE WAY OUR WORLD IS RUN Life 8/11/2018
  WE'D DO IT ALL AGAIN! Love 10/30/2018
  WHERE WERE MY HANDS? Fantasy Poems 9/3/2018
 ''HOW CAN I BELIEVE?'' Humorous Poems 3/15/2017
 ''I LOVE YOU TO THE MOON AND BACK'' Spiritual Poems 3/14/2018
 ''WHO'S THERE?'' Life 10/2/2018
 ''YA HUNGRY MISTER?'' Current Events 1/28/2017
 'FORE YOU BLINK AN EYE Holiday Poems 9/8/2019
 'OLE BLUE A PRAYIN' Humorous Poems 7/11/2019
 A BETTER WAY Insight 5/15/2017
 A BOOK IS BORN! Misc 7/29/2018
 A DIFFERENT RIDE Misc 2/9/2017
 A DIFFERENT RIDE Misc 7/3/2018
 A DRIZZLY, DOODLY KIND OF DAY Humorous Poems 3/27/2017
 A FEW GOOD QOUTES Misc 5/24/2019
 A FRIEND I'VE MADE Nature 8/4/2019
 A FRIEND TO LOVE Life 9/19/2018
 A GLIMMER OF HOPE Inspirational Poems 7/20/2019
 A GOOD LIFE AFTER ALL Life 7/15/2018
 A LITTLE GIRL LAY SLEEPING Dedications 6/29/2019
 A LITTLE HIT Misc 3/1/2017
 A LOVE LIKE OURS Love 7/20/2018
 A LOVE MALIGNED Love Gone Bad 3/20/2017
 A LOVERS ALPHABET Love 2/14/2017
 A NATURAL WONDER Humorous Poems 2/7/2018
 A PERFECT SADNESS Dedications 4/20/2018
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I spied her in the corner of
That dirty little room.
The hair lay limp upon her head...
Her eyes were filled with gloom.

The clothes she wore just looked as though
They never had been new.
And when her eyes at first met mine,
I saw the tears there too.

She started to come over to
The couch to sit by me.
Her eyes spoke volumes as they said
''Please someone...look at me!''

The mother spoke, ''Ya want that one?''
I scarcely could believe.
She gave all ten of them away,
As though she were relieved!

Her mister said that she could come
To be with him this day.
But not those kids....they had to go,
Before she walked away!

My Mom and Dad picked up the bag
That held one tiny dress.
And from that day she lived with us,
And I had me a Sis!

This is the true story of my sweet sister.
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Song Lyric: LOOK AT ME

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