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Civil Rights, Disabilities and Am. XXV

I, a Documented, and Disabled Legal Citizen of the Untied States.
Am hereby formally accusing The National Transportation Safety Board and its director, under the Auspices of the White House and its current executive director, of intentionally targeting and selectively enforcing security measures against persons with disabilities at Untied States Airports SPECIFICALLY DESIGNED AND INTENDED to counteract terrorism and terrorists in the aftermath of The incidents of September 11, 2001.

Sir, Madam.... Assuming you posses the ability to read, which I also formally call into question (Keep in mind, illiteracy is also a disability)

The Americans with Disabilities act is LAW, passed by President George Walker Bush, and implemented and amended by his honorable and distinguisnhed successors, and those who have served before you. Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Janet Reno.

Mr President, Mme Directer, was the Elections of Mid Term 2010 THAT MUCH OF A SHOCK TO YOUR POWER?

Get Over it.

Mr President, I happen to know of a site where the TWENTY FIFTH AMENDMENT has been formally called for. It is maintained by a man who is nearly 90 years of age, and who was a personal acquaintance of John and Bobby Kennedy.. Assuming you know (which I am 1200 % certain you do not) your Untied States Constitution, Tolelaga.........Take and Read.

Thank you, Mr President.

Thank you Mme Director

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