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 The Ballad of Lewis and Rose Ballad 12/19/2010
 let it flow Birthdays 11/13/2010
 The Wolf and the Fox Childrens Poetry 12/2/2010
 robert schuller Current Events 10/30/2010
 Pentecostal Child Molestors and Embezz Current Events 1/12/2011
 Sayings that wont be spoken AGAIN Current Events 1/12/2011
 Pernell and Lorne Current Events 12/21/2010
 Earthquakes, Cholera, And Tomas Current Events 11/5/2010
 November 2, 2010 Current Events 11/3/2010
 security first Current Events 11/22/2010
 Mr President, Mme NTSB Director Current Events 11/22/2010
 Birth of a Nation Current Events 1/19/2011
 Karma Bowl XLV - Feb 6 2011 - Arlington Current Events 12/15/2010
 To Qatar's Credit Current Events 12/14/2010
 For Whom the Bell Tolls Dark Poetry 11/11/2010
 in sin did my sainted mother concieve me Dark Poetry 12/26/2010
 Fire on high..the song of Bera Dark Poetry 1/11/2011
 L. F. Dedications 11/17/2010
 Dear Ref, Merry Christmas............. Dedications 12/2/2010
 Full House........... Dedications 12/25/2010
 Murdered Knight of the Priory of Sion Dedications 12/29/2010
 Sisters of Mars Dedications 11/1/2010
 The HMS Wolf Dedications 12/10/2010
 Lovergirl Joins Superfreak Dedications 12/27/2010
 Politically Correct Christmas Stories Dedications 12/16/2010
 Juli Nicholas Dedications 12/1/2010
 Starlite Cafe, Die Volkerball Dedications 11/18/2010
 Frederich Spindler Dedications 11/26/2010
 Things I would never tell Dedications 12/19/2010
 Primal Scream II Dedications 12/16/2010
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The Ballad of Lewis and Rose

well rose, THANK YOU for the pictures,
they were.... to say the least... revealing
you ARE as was Lucretia Borgia
never the concealing....
Beware young Rose who you commence to chase
you could wind up chasing the wind.
a towering black tornado
who will refuse to bend
yet rose, know this ...the storm , as it came... will subside....
you are a lovely girl Lucretia Rose. now ride high in the saddle WITH PRIDE

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