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 sage advice from a wise wise man Quotes 2/12/2011
 Dominic and the Gang Silly Poems 2/12/2011
 its THREE WEEKS PAST January 25 Silly Poems 2/12/2011
 An apology to a former WTOC executive Misc 2/12/2011
 1 tough as glove leather pitcher Dedications 1/21/2011
 Birth of a Nation Current Events 1/19/2011
 deck of 56 Misc 1/19/2011
 reign of fire Misc 1/19/2011
 childhood sweethe---ART Grieving and Loss 1/19/2011
 Dear Nicholas Dedications 1/19/2011
 Lady Di's Son Insight 1/18/2011
 The First Lady Dedications 1/18/2011
 welcoming and solicitation of comments Misc 1/12/2011
 Defensive Insecurity Misc 1/12/2011
 Pentecostal Child Molestors and Embezz Current Events 1/12/2011
 Sayings that wont be spoken AGAIN Current Events 1/12/2011
 Face the Music Insight 1/11/2011
 Fire on high..the song of Bera Dark Poetry 1/11/2011
 hell's own killer Dedications 1/5/2011
 Apostolic Friends Forum Misc 1/5/2011
 Sorcha Conway is not dead Misc 1/5/2011
 satans pentecostals exposes Misc 1/5/2011
 Well I see no protest, of any nature Misc 1/5/2011
 Lucy, Freddy, and Bubba Silly Poems 1/5/2011
 ACLU Defends Fred 'God Hates Fags' Phelp Misc 1/4/2011
 pentecostals will preach their lies Insight 1/4/2011
 be ye glad Misc 1/4/2011
 The Rise of the Pentecostal Sodomite Insight 1/4/2011
 S. B. Dedications 1/4/2011
 Life's Choices Life 1/4/2011
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sage advice from a wise wise man

lewis, do yourself a BIG BIG Favor

and close off yoor comment sections.

(Albert Victor - Date Unknown)

Better late than never.

Thanks Guy!

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