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 (adult) Holiday Poems 11/26/2010
 1 tough as glove leather pitcher Dedications 1/21/2011
 15 Quotes 12/29/2010
 20th Century Fox Song Lyrics 12/2/2010
 2307 Misc 11/13/2010
 26 letter typing exercise A-Z Misc 12/2/2010
 3 old hippys Friends 11/15/2010
 A Generation Revisited Misc 12/31/2010
 A Star Is Born Holiday Poems 11/7/2010
 A Star is Born Dedications 11/14/2010
 ACLU Defends Fred 'God Hates Fags' Phelp Misc 1/4/2011
 ad libbing is one thing Silly Poems 11/21/2010
 Agnostos Theos Spiritual Poems 12/18/2010
 alfred and buster Silly Poems 10/31/2010
 All be it an unwritten law Song Lyrics 10/27/2010
 Amanda and her husband Friends 11/21/2010
 An Actor's Story Misc 12/12/2010
 an affair of the heart Misc 11/8/2010
 An apology to a former WTOC executive Misc 2/12/2011
 And God Made 2 Great Lights Nature 11/25/2010
 And I remembe that rehersal Life 10/29/2010
 And now to tell EVERYBODY something Holiday Poems 11/26/2010
 And Scrooge Hates Christmas? Quotes 11/25/2010
 And the wolf does now dance joyously Life 12/12/2010
 Apocalyptic Prelude Misc 12/21/2010
 Apostolic Friends Forum Misc 1/5/2011
 Around the world in a .................. Fantasy Poems 11/17/2010
 As I sit tonight Spiritual Poems 11/5/2010
 axis Quotes 11/20/2010
 be ye glad Misc 1/4/2011
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I've noticed a lot of this sort of poetry at the cafe in the decade i've been here

(of course, in the old days, I went FFAAAAARRRRRR beyond this)


(War of the worlds, 1938)

Yes, I brought you ORSON WELLES!

Many drove 85 on a 55 marked Interstate...............

I went Warp Speed

to the 85 group..............thank you...............

Peace............(On Earth)

Mary Ludwig

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