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Michael Came Home

On the day that Michael came home
From his tour in Iraq,
We greeted him with tear filled eyes,
As we welcomed him back.

The Nation called him a hero,
For all that he had done.
This decorated Navy Seal,
Was deadly with a gun.

But that's not what distinguished him,
It was courage and heart.
He did his duty with honor,
As he’d done from the start.

His valor...undeniable,
His mind...unshakable,
His actions...unimpeachable,
His will...unbreakable.

And that is why Michael came home,
His courage and his pride.
If he hadn’t done what he did,
Many Seals would have died.

Faced with Iraqi insurgents,
One hot September day,
A grenade came down near Michael
He saw no other way.

He had to save his fellow Seals,
So Michael acted fast,
He threw himself on the grenade,
To shield them from the blast.

No greater love hath any man,
No greater deed contends,
Than he who would lay down his life,
In defense of his friends.

The day they put him in the ground,
Was stirring and surreal.
Golden tridents lined his casket,
Left there by every Seal.

They formed a line and slapped them down,
As hard as each man could.
And the force left every trident
Embedded in the wood.

The sound was heard across the grounds,
Of that cemetery.
The louder every slap became,
Further it would carry.

This is the sound that heroes make,
Whenever they depart.
It is a sound that will remain,
Within each soldier’s heart.

When all had said their last farewell
To the best of the best,
They lowered him into the ground,
And laid their friend to rest.

That was the day Michael came home
From his tour in Iraq,
God took him in His arms and said,
'It's good to have you back.'

This Poem is dedicated to
Master-at-Arms Second Class, Michael A. Monsoor
A true hero.

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