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Judgment May (Part Two)

So Harold's date has come and gone,
As time keeps marching on and on.
No mass ascension to the sky,
No tribulations catch the eye.

Just one false prophet, proven wrong.
Though I expect it won't be long
Before he picks another date,
And warns mankind of pending fate.

But no one knows the day or time,
No mortal man can sound the chime,
To let us know when God will call,
Or who will rise and who will fall.

It's your mistake if you believe
The words of those sent to deceive.
For only God can tell you when
The time has come to face your sin.

We've too much faith in man and church,
We place them on a lofty perch,
We lift them up twixt God and man,
As though they sit at His left hand.

Yet who are they but mortals too?
No greater in their faith than you.
So why put stock in what they say,
When all you need to do is pray?

When God decides He's had enough,
He will not turn, He will not bluff,
And all will hear the trumpet sound,
As churches crumble to the ground.

For nothing built by human hand,
When sickle falls, can hope to stand.
And if a church is where you wait,
Then you will also share its fate.

For Christ is all you'll ever need,
Our imperfections made Him bleed,
And His blood washed our sins away,
He is our shelter on that day.

So follow God, or follow man,
That's been our choice since choice began,
But if you heed the human voice,
And do not make the righteous choice,

Then you will crumble with your church,
Uprooted like the oak and birch.
You'll be cast down with Harold's kind,
With all who trust the human mind.

The voice of God is hard to hear.
He doesn't whisper in your ear.
The spirit hears what flesh cannot,
So listen close, or listen not.

And if the choice you make is wise,
Then you'll share the eternal prize.
But if you heed the call of men,
Then you will drown in your own sin.

There's only one thing left to say,
That only Jesus knows the way,
And through His selfless sacrifice,
He's paved your way to paradise.

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