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 I had no regrets Misc 2/22/2019
 Life is a Duck Misc 2/19/2019
 Oh Happy Place Misc 2/19/2019
 Your Love is in my eyes Misc 2/18/2019
 Such a Flower of Summer breezes Misc 2/16/2019
 I see A Girl in a Tree. Misc 2/16/2019
 Spring is on its way Misc 2/16/2019
 Dear,Amy Irene Misc 2/13/2019
 Marene Cathrine Misc 2/13/2019
 It's spring ,I'm thinking of summer  Misc 2/13/2019
 Sweet Little Girl Misc 2/9/2019
 Safety Under the Rainbow? Misc 2/8/2019
 Rainbow Child Misc 2/8/2019
 Love the times we spent together. Misc 2/8/2019
 A wonderful Couple Misc 2/8/2019
 A Rose Misc 2/7/2019
 How much I love you so. Misc 2/7/2019
 Happy blue eyes Misc 2/6/2019
 Song in my heart Misc 1/29/2019
 Dear friend Oh dear Valentine Misc 1/29/2019
 Slow Dance Misc 1/29/2019
 A dime for every poet who every tried  Misc 1/22/2019
 She was an angel in my arms Misc 1/15/2019
 Legal Immigration  Misc 1/15/2019
 If I had a million dollars Misc 1/14/2019
 Do you want to be my friend? Misc 1/14/2019
 In a mist of Winter Insight 1/14/2019
 January love? Misc 12/27/2018
 Every thing about her. Misc 12/23/2018
 Why I love Her. Misc 12/22/2018
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I had no regrets

Life with you is such a big taboo
I spent my whole life hugging, kissing and loving you
You walked away into the sunset
I had no regrets.

Quad challenge-4 lines of rhyming love poetry.
The last line has only 4 words because love
is a 4 letter word.
Hope you all enjoy my little challenge,
thanks for your entries.

Host Slightlyslimer
example Poem
The Quad Challenge 2-22-19

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