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I'm a Soldier of the Lord

Good morning world I grabbed my Bible
and read from the word
Too become a soldier of Christ
You must be born of the spirit

and follow in the ways
and examples of the Lord
Yes right now I am
A soldier of the Lord

I am as proud as ever
To be in the marching band
of the people who want
To follow God's plans

In a way not being a preacher
So to speak but with my testimony
That I could give to share and turn
Others to the faith in Jesus Christ

I know I will Join another in that marching band
That marches on that straight and narrow path
Which would reach out our hands to join
In the faithful followers of Our Lord Jesus Christ

Thank you Lord for blessing us with your great Love
and sending us out on the Great commission
To convert others to the faith
One of my greatest missions to evangelize the world.

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