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Savanna On My Mind and so I prayed

With Savanna on my mind and so I prayed
For her to never leave and only to come back to me
Savanna you made my blood run cold
I marched a soldier's march In a rainy mud

On the mountains we did climb oh what an incline
That soldier's march did not break our heart's
We had our minds on our sweetheart
And My gal Savanna was deep on my mind

With her I never felt a pain only love on my brain
It was obvious this gal love me true
I had to keep on marching in hopes
I would get home soon

My mind was set on one solid thing
getting back to the woman I loved
With all my heart through and through
She loved me in so many ways

My love for her has grown abundantly
My heart extends our heart strings stretch out to reach
a spell binding act of a loves desire
desperate to react to our love and romance

With Savanna on my mind and so I prayed
Come with me Savanna Hold my hand
I'm not your back street kind of man
Bring me home introduce me

To you Momma and your Poppa
Knowing the rest of the family
Will be a blessing my Dear Savanna
I fought in two wars wiped the sand off my boots

Cleared my head from the pain and the sweat
That All Good Soldiers know
Fighting the good fight and returning home again
Trying to fit in with society and finding a new family life

Savanna you're my choice
To make it in this world of ours
Your heart and love will hold us together
Forever and ever
Until my soul come to rest again.

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