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A peaceful day

The snow was falling down so soft and beautiful today
The towns people enjoying a ride in a beautiful sleigh
In the church was the beautiful sound of a choir
In town the shops were decorated with a warm, cozy fire
The shoppers carrying beautiful gifts with a colorful bow
All of them enjoying the wonderful Christmas season with the falling snow
The shops all decorated with a beautiful shop display
The warmth of the Christmas season softly filled the air
The sound of the children's laughter making a snowman could be heard everywhere
The carolers singing in the streets as the towns people joined in
Sharing the love and warmth of the season as it was about to begin
The little girl stopped and looked at the beautiful toys in the shop display
She stood alone while silent snowflakes slowly circled round her today
The Christmas trees in town all decorated beautifully with tinsel that glitters so bright
The Christmas lights upon the tree illuminating such beautiful light
In one of the shops is a cozy warm fireplace with the wonderful smell of gingerbread
The children all gather round to listen to the beautiful story that is being read
The joyous songs of the season is heard near and from afar
The trees in the town square are all decorated with a beautiful star
The tinsel shining with colorful silver and gold
The sense of peace is shared by all as they watch the spirit of Christmas beautifully unfold

Written for Linda's Pieces of you challenge
Phrase- She stood alone while silent snowflakes slowly circled round

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