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A Beautiful autumn day

Nestled within the beautiful countryside a fisherman and his dog enjoy an autumn day
With stroke of brush the leaves changing beautiful colors of red and gold
Upon the pond some swans soft and gently glide around with such grace
The songbirds flutter upon their soft and gently wings
Their songs of autumn so beautiful and softly fill the autumn air

A soft and gentle butterfly with tiny delicate wings perches herself upon a flower petal
The leaves of autumn are beautifully transformed with so many vibrant colors
Out of the blue a tiny squirel scampers across collecting acorns for the wintertime

As the sun begins to set two children enjoy watching the autumn leaves is such awe
The soft winds blowing through their hair as they enjoy some fireflys fluttering around
The songbirds sing their beautiful autumn song as the stars begin to fill the skies upon this beautiful and tranquil autumn night

Written for Multi Challenge
Phrases used-
Out of the blue
With stroke of brush

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