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Whale Of A Tale

Beside a quiet sandy shore
where horizons meet the sea
I heard a lonely giant whale
speak friendly words to me

The whale said he was tired
swimming made him weak
the echo of his voice was dull
he could hardly speak

``I said`` Lie here beside me
away from the angry sea``
wiggling to the sandy shore
looked up and smiled at me

``I`d like to live upon this Earth
and be a jumping frog
I`d wander through the tall trees
and sleep upon a log.``

``I know you must be lonely
I sympathize with you
if you live outside the water
it will be the end of you !``

Suddenly a tiny frog
jumped upon his back
this made the whale so angry
he gave the frog a whack!

` You`re not being very nice
said the froggie to the whale
if you don`t get in the ocean
you`ll never tell this tale``

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