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To My Bonny Friend Dagmar

I watched the new buds glistening
on that sunny day in May
Candles twinkled on my cake
I was 12 on that special day

You wished me Happy Birthday
You said you couldn`t stay
I saw you leave to n`er return
You slowly walked away

Time marched on ,
you weren`t there when
I knocked upon your door
Through empty window panes
I searched
You were gone forever more

Your letter came one early morn
explaining where you were
Far away in Norway
thatís where you were for sure

Many letters back and forth
our friendship never died
After twenty years or more
You were standing by my side

Our friendship was a close bond
You were still my bonny friend
suddenly you passed away
To never meet again

{{{ It was my birthday, I was 12 years old , I invited my best friend Dagmar to my house. She was also 12. That was the last time I saw her. Her parents were separating and since her mother was born in Norway, she decided to go back. Dagma`s fsther kept his son, {{ Dagmas` brother }} , they stayed here in the USA and The mother took Dagmar to Norway. She wrote to me and we stayed friends by mail for 20 years. Her mother passed away and she returned to the USA with her father`s help. She came to visit me right away, We stayed friends until one day she had a heart attack and died. It was so tragic for me. I will always remember my best friend.}}

Dedicated to my friend Dagmar on your birthday
Miss you . Rest in peace

Your song {{ She taught me the song `` La Paloma`` Her mother would always sing it in English . I still remember the words , and I will always remember Dagmar}}
La Paloma-->-->-->-->-->-->-->-->-->-->

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