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 Confetti Sonnet 4/21/2010
 Everything to Me Grieving and Loss 5/8/2010
 Ghost in the Graveyard Misc 3/24/2010
 Not for Lack of Woe Misc 4/30/2010
 Rona and the Moonless Night Childrens Poetry 2/22/2017
 Shadow Lover Love 4/18/2010
 Temptation of Christ Spiritual Poems 4/11/2010
 The Broken Branch Insight 6/19/2010
 The Meaning of Life Life 2/23/2012

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Weep not, poor winter, season most hated;
Season of death and despair, so despised.
Borne as a burden, brashly berated,
Annual martyr, yet ne'er canonized.

Man is made stronger through struggle and strife,
Sculpted by scars and then polished with pain.
Our woes are like water, needed for life;
Barren and dry is a world without rain.

So worry not, winter, stifle your cries,
Raise a great blizzard to temper my soul.
And though I may curse this yearly demise,
Know that you failed not to finish your goal.

With fabulous fervor the fine flakes fall,
As winter's cold confetti covers all.

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