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So Like Job.

In the Bible their is the book of Job, a man who had a very prosperous

life, an abundant family, big farm, fine health, and it was all taken away from

him, by way of God. In the story he had 3 friends, who keep pressing on him

to curse God and die; he would not, I recall at a Bible study 'I said with

friends like that who needs enemie's. In the end Job was rewarded for his

faith, he was given everything back and then some, a great story of what

faith can accomplish.

In my story, going back I to had a very good life, a new 2BR townhouse in

Georgia, 3 cars, money in the bank, a loving pet Sammie, the Braves were

wining devisions, a refrigerator filled, a fairly good job, fine climate to live in

during the winter months, some very good friends, and what I felt was very

good health.

The change came fast, just before my first stroke, we relocated to Ocala FL,

which was by choice, my money matters went down hill, could not take 3

cars to FL, job's do not pay well in FL which was a given; I had no health

insurance, my stroke happened on the job. I could not go back to work,

which put real pressure on everything, my mental state took a very big

negative hit.

So, even had to move back to NY, after my second stroke, almost

broke, had to move in with my older brother, which in itself is sad. I fell

down the outside stairs while living there, broke my hip, spent 3 months

in the VA hospital; to this day I walk with a limp, due to the fall; Sammie died

on July 4. 97, which was another hit to my spirit.

I prayed a great deal, over my lot in life, some progress began to appear

the disability came through with SS, my wife found a better paying job closer

to home, the housing situation improved found a good affordable location,

the refrigerator now well stocked, money is on more solid footing, have reliable

transportation, a library card which I use weekly, still make use of the VA for

health matters, so with faith matters, have improved a great deal; one more

detail, I had a great pair of black Lee jeans, which were my favorite pair of pants

they were very old and tattered, I did not want to part with them, but, they had

seen their best day's; finally made the decision and threw them out, just another

small loss, yesterday,I FOUND a newer pair of Lee jeans at the Goodwill store,

so even they were replaced, making my spirit pleased, all by way of faith..........

So Like Job.

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