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My Loves' Sweet Voice

my loves' sweet voice does fill my soul around the fire
this night, the thoughts of her so cross my mind,
with feelings warm and bright ; I feel her soft caressing
hand, as it gently holds me near, oh how I wish and
pray right now, that she were only here.

my loves' sweet voice does fill my soul around the fire
this night, though a distance great may lie between,
still I see her by the light ; her love and beauty far
exceeds the starry skies above, so here I pledge with
truth and joy, my never ending love.

my loves' sweet voice does fill my soul around the fire
this night, her soft fair skin and tender lips are
forever in my sight ; I feel her beauty close to me
though we're many miles apart, yet still my love for
her shall grow, and dwell within my heart.

so my loves' sweet voice does fill my soul around the fire
this night, and in my thoughts she'll always be,
from morn until twilight ; and when I lay at last to sleep,
a special kiss I'll send, until together once more
we'll be, her voice shall never end.

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