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 For Aunt Lona's 95th, Birthday Birthdays 7/1/2005
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For Aunt Lona's 95th, Birthday

on this day as you celebrate 95 years,
a milestone in life you now cross,
looking back at the memories you've known and loved,
with never a feeling of loss,
as the things you have done, the places you've
so joyfully come back to mind,
you will cherish the things which are dearest
to you, for their pleasures so gently kind.
now as you remember the days that have gone ,
and recall all the quiet times spent,
around your own hearth so happy and bright,
these moments so heavenly sent;
t'will give you much joy in the knowledge
you've gained, your experiences made richer each day,
so in deep grateful praise just turn up above,
each evening to humbly pray.
so now as you celebrate 95 years,
these words to you I reveal, for the joy of
our friendship so endless and strong,
for certain I never can conceal,
may all of the best come calling your way,
to endow you with peace deep and true,
and no matter wherever our roads lead in life,
oh I'll still think so fondly of you.

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