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 Raindrops on My Tongue Misc 6/29/2007
 'It's Only Beer' Life 6/29/2007
 That's Who?!! Humorous Poems 1/23/2007
 Rose Colored Bandages Love Gone Bad 1/23/2007
 A Trade Off Misc 1/17/2007
 Happy Birthday Mama Birthdays 1/12/2007
 Then a Heavy Sigh Life 1/12/2007
 Desire Is Back I Love You 12/23/2006
 I'm Bad and I Know It!! Humorous Poems 12/22/2006
 I Take Off and Run Humorous Poems 12/22/2006
 Listen to My Mother Humorous Poems 12/22/2006
 If I'd Only Known Holiday Poems 12/22/2006
 Light Sheds Truth Life 12/22/2006
 I wanted to hang out..... Humorous Poems 12/22/2006
 selfishly replacing innoc. with erection Life 11/17/2006
 PING PONG PADDLES Humorous Poems 11/17/2006
 What's Left!!! Life 11/17/2006
 Beginning to End Love Gone Bad 11/13/2006
 Just Another Cluster-Mucked Day Life 11/13/2006
 Just One Flower for Jesus Inspirational Poems 11/13/2006
 Butterfly Prayer Inspirational Poems 11/13/2006
 Silent Screams Dark Poetry 11/13/2006
 Mama - The Sweetest Name I Know Love 11/13/2006
 With Arms of Loving Memories Love 11/12/2006
 His Hands Misc 11/12/2006
 Two Tears Grieving and Loss 11/12/2006
 Perfect Fit Soul Mate Department Store Humorous Poems 11/12/2006
 I am listening I Love You 11/12/2006
 'nothing dust'-blowing in the wind Grieving and Loss 11/11/2006
 Give him hell Mama and tell him ........ Life 11/11/2006
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Raindrops on My Tongue

I remember when I was young
Catching rain drops on my tongue
Though never enough to quench my thirst
The last drop was just as good as the first

The ones I missed always got me in the eye
Frustrated and determined, Id give it another try
Mouth wide open and tongue sticking out
Squeezing my eyes shut to erase any doubt

I would get in a groove by standing in one spot
And finally started drinking cool rain, drop by drop

I would be soaking wet by the end of this game
that's about the time I'd hear mama call my name

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