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The Daughter of Jairus

A ruler in the synagogue,
Jairus, was his name,
had a lovely daughter,
dying...fearful shame.

Searching for a healer,
he heard it was said
that there was one called Jesus,
healed the sick and raised the dead.

He found the teacher easily,
crowds all gathered round,
watched a woman healed
just by touching Jesus' gown.

Boldly pushing through the mob,
'til he reached the healer's side,
he humbled himself totally
and, unto Jesus cried,

'Oh teacher, will you help me?
My darling child is ill,
just lay your hands upon her,
heal her, if only,Lord, you will'.

They went towards Jairus' house,
it seemed so very slow;
Jairus' servant came to meet them,
his expression, a cruel blow.

'Your daughter died, my master,
the Healer comes too late'.
Jairus, bereft, began to weep
but Jesus said, 'No, wait!'

He insisted they continue
and went to the little child's bed,
'Fear not, she is but sleeping,'
the gentle Healer said.

He laid both hands upon the girl,
said to her, 'Child, arise!'
Just a second later,
Jairus' daughter opened her eyes.

Jesus instructed the parents,
their child would need to eat.
Jairus, filled with thankfulness,
fell down at the Master's feet.

So grateful was Jairus, and joyful,
he wanted to spread the news
but Jesus instructed him not to
as some had unfavourable views.

Jesus departed with His friends,
His love and healing to share.
This is but one of many such stories,
learn from them, if you dare.

Paraphrasing, Mark 5: 22-43

Ballad in rhyming verse.

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