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 Blessed am I Inspirational Poems 4/21/2018
 Timely Misc 4/20/2018
 Overjoyed Inspirational Poems 4/19/2018
 Encouragement Misc 4/18/2018
 Shall We Prosper Inspirational Poems 4/18/2018
 Get Thee Behind Me Inspirational Poems 4/17/2018
 Blessing upon Blessing Inspirational Poems 4/17/2018
 Pimped Presentation Misc 4/15/2018
 Seismic Shudders Misc 4/15/2018
 What Next Misc 4/15/2018
 Doomed to Failure Misc 4/14/2018
 Taste of Creation Inspirational Poems 4/14/2018
 Her Cool Art Nature 4/11/2018
 Totally Love 4/11/2018
 Heart, Soul and Strength Inspirational Poems 4/11/2018
 Where Eagles See Best Nature 4/11/2018
 Poppy and Mike Misc 4/10/2018
 She Glowed Misc 4/9/2018
 The Music Dies Misc 4/8/2018
 She Slumbers Misc 4/7/2018
 Outlined Misc 4/7/2018
 Reason to Fear Misc 4/6/2018
 Damascus Road Inspirational Poems 4/4/2018
 Be Yourself Misc 4/3/2018
 Worked it Out Inspirational Poems 4/2/2018
 Sitting, permitting Inspirational Poems 4/1/2018
 Choose Life Inspirational Poems 4/1/2018
 For The Sharing Inspirational Poems 3/31/2018
 Viewpoint Misc 3/31/2018
 Truth Shall Not Be Denied Inspirational Poems 3/30/2018

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Blessed am I

How blessed am I,
oh Lord, my Lord.
Your promises to me are real
and new and fresh each day,
for all eternity.

There is none like You.

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