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A Mother's Prayer

His eyes were as bright and sparkling
as the stars that shown in the darkest night;
He was an explorer, looking under rocks and logs
Bringing her his find of snakes and frogs;
He could make her laugh until tears ran down her face;
She prayed for his safety, his health, and happiness
As he becomes a man and enters
unknown worlds to run lifes race;
She holds him close to her heart
every day, year after year,
And she never forgets the laughter he created;
When she dreams her dreams of his angelic face
She smiles, and then tears take their place,
Wishing she could have done more
To protect him from the devils arrows,
She prays for the day eternal sleep ore takes him
And the cold mantle of death covers his cheeks
That he has completed the task God sat before him
So that his name will be written in
the Lambs Book of Life.

© Janice Bumbalough Marler
December 17, 2006

Many, many years ago I had the opportunity to
hear a gospel minister speak in Troy, Ohio.
He was only seventeen when he was arrested
for murder in Texas. There were three of them.
The others had money; he didn’t.
While in prison he committed murder
and was called the ‘Meanest Man In Texas’
A priest was calling for his death.
He was placed in solitary confinement.
The only book he was allowed to read
was a small bible. He told the congregation
the only reason he read it was to disprove God’s words.
Eventually his language began to change.
The guards began to notice and his fellow inmates,
He corresponded with a middle aged lady.
When he was pardoned, she met him at
the gate with a suit of clothes. He had been baptized when
he was a young man, but like most young men astray
and became mixed up with the wrong crowd.

If God can change a murderer, and a man entitled,
'˜The Meanest Man in Texas then He surely can change my son.
He wrote a book, 'The Only Way Out is Up'

Pray for my son
His name is Richard Wayne Smith age, 48

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