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 Introspective Inspirational Poems 6/16/2009
 A Parent's Undying Love Misc 3/17/2009
 The Threshold Dedications 1/26/2009
 Tender Moments Love 1/26/2009
 Turn Off the Flow Inspirational Poems 9/28/2008
 Heart Dance Love 8/4/2008
 As I Watched From My Window Inspirational Poems 8/4/2008
 A True Dedicated Soldier of God Inspirational Poems 8/1/2008
 Dancing In the Moonlight Life 7/1/2008
 Rite of Passage Inspirational Poems 6/29/2008
 Addiction Life 5/27/2008
 Lamentations Life 5/27/2008
 I'm Only a Prayer Away Inspirational Poems 5/26/2008
 Who Hears You Cry Inspirational Poems 5/25/2008
 Autumn's Replication Revisited Misc 5/24/2008
 Remember Me Inspirational Poems 5/22/2008
 Walk the Walk Inspirational Poems 5/12/2008
 The Touch of My Mother's Hands Dedications 5/7/2008
 When I No Longer Remember You Insight 4/15/2008
 If I Could Bring Back Yesterday Inspirational Poems 4/11/2008
 I'm Your Special Angel Inspirational Poems 4/10/2008
 Those Once a Month Blues Humorous Poems 4/9/2008
 Last Words (Have You Hugged Your Child?) Grieving and Loss 4/8/2008
 My Grandma’s House Dedications 3/28/2008
 Memory Loss Friends 3/28/2008
 At Sea Dedications 3/28/2008
 A Gift for Grandma Dedications 3/27/2008
 Do You Remember? Misc 3/27/2008
 A Slip of the Tongue Inspirational Poems 3/23/2008
 In the Garden Inspirational Poems 3/22/2008
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I am the door leading
To the next generation,
It is an effigy of my spirit,
There is no key;

Once opened I can not
Be locked

The riffraff of the past knocks
But I will not yield,

The winds and javelins
Of lightning thrust
Against the barricade
Cannot beat me down,

I do not succumb!
I am life;
I am the energy of things to come.

© Janice Bumbalough Marler

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