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 Misty Dreams Love 2/10/2019
 Who Murdered The Onion ? Childrens Poetry 1/18/2019

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Misty Dreams


This morning hazy, sleepy thoughts of dreams still filled my head.
I lay awake and tried to piece together things I did and said.
Then all at once the flash backs came and brought to life my dreams.
A wondrous, magic, mystic world but true to life it seemed.
I dreamed of laying in a field of golden maize and corn.
Sparkling dewdrops shone like diamonds on this sunny morn.
Then all at once a gentle mist surrounded all in sight.
Erasing sunshine from the sky, thus blocking out the light.
Then through the haze, beyond the mist, a forest came in view.
The leaves were trembling on the trees as gentle breezes blew.
I felt attracted, drawn by something felt but never seen.
An awe inspiring light appeared where nothingness had been.
I went towards the light although not once my feet did pace.
The blinding light that drew me close was warm against my face.
And then amid this blinding light I felt immune to pain.
A sense of peaceful beauty came, devoid of guilt or shame.
It took a while to piece together what I felt and why.
At first I thought a world like this comes only when you die.
But things were slowly taking shape much clearly than before.
Within my mind I'd found the key to open loves locked door.
The light so blinding, warm and pure was love I never knew.
Emitted from the heart of someone faithful, loyal and true.
In dreams I'd found what all my life I'd searched in vain to find.
And all the time I only had to look inside my mind.
For there above the things I'd held so dear throughout my days.
Your face was smiling,shining brightly, beaming through the haze.
You took my hand and kissed me softly, ridding me of fear.
To be together, in forever love so very dear.

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