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 A Father's Love Love 10/15/2017
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 Winter Warmer Love 12/4/2003
 You've Got My Number Silly Poems 9/9/2003

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A Father's Love

I live for the look in your eyes
When I walk through the door and you see me
I feel a jump in my heart when you smile
Face lost in wonder and fascination

Eyes open, ears open, mind open
As your life unfolds before you
And I pray that you will always know
A life of colour, laughter and love

And I will lift you up high
As you stretch your arms to the sky
In joy and amazement
And Iíll put out the fires
That would consume your desires
Diminish your greatness

And when you fall
I will carry you
Dry your tears for you
While time does its healing
Show you the scars
Iíve had since long before you
Then point to you as the proof
That at the end of it all...

Iím really okay

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