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She was fun to be with
She always made me smile,
She had a quick wit about her
That had me laughing all the while.

She always had that sparkle in her eyes
Beautiful blue just like the sea,
Her bubbly personality gave me life
Blonde curls to she mesmerised me.

She was compassionate and gentle
She loved art her paintings were divine,
She lived and loved life to the full
One of those people that made everything shine.

Yes, my Charlotte how I loved her
My world of love, laughter and fun,
A man could not have asked for more
As the years went by she shone like the sun.

She went out riding and fell from her horse
She banged her head quite bad,
She also broke two ribs as she fell
I felt the pain for her it was really sad.

She didn't like to stay in bed
She began to get very morose,
It wasn't my cheerful Charlotte at all
She looked rather more like a ghost.

She would sit in the dark for hours
There was no conversation as such,
With her bad moods I dare not speak
Most of her meals she would not touch.

I began to get rather irritated myself
I thought I was the one in the wrong,
What had I done that was so serious
thinking back to when she was full of song.

I must admit in my loneliness I wept
Because I knew she was in a lot of pain,
Charlotte I begged please come back to me
As I watched her It nearly drove me insane.

I loved her so I feared my heart would break
I knew the physical would heal quite soon,
But it was the mental side I couldn't fathom
She was acting most odd and full of gloom.

She wouldn't eat she just stared into space
The woman who had made my life such fun,
Was now acting like a stranger towards me
And was now making my life a miserable one.

I sat down in front of the Doctors desk
And began to explain the best way I knew,
There is nothing to explain to me, said the Doctor
The fall from her horse is just a mask for you.

Because she will never be able to have any children
You see she damaged her pelvic region when she fell,
The depression is because her mind won't take the truth
Now she has developed this eating disorder as well.

I felt the tears run down the ridges of my face
The shock to my system sent the room in a spin,
In those few minutes my world fell apart
My dear sweet Charlotte no wonder she was so thin.

Doctor I said what can I do? Charlotte is my whole life
One thing said the Doctor you have got to be strong,
I 'll get her some treatment but it will take a while
Try to get her to eat something and that she is not in the wrong.

I'll do anything I said I just want to see her get well
It could take a long time said the Doctor given her mental state,
Some people respond quicker to medication than others
I left the surgery and my pulse was ticking at a fair old rate.

Three years have gone by now and it's been sheer utter hell
Doctors Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Councillors and more,
Cannot make her eat, she is just over six stone and cannot walk
I feel I have failed to convince my Charlotte that there is a cure.

I pray every night for a miracle that will bring her back to me
Our lives are on hold until that miracle comes true,
I have never stopped loving her not for one minute of the day
We might even be able to adopt some beautiful children too.

This story is entirely fictional on my part.

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