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Alice came back into the bedroom
With the banana milk,
Dolly Gumtree drank it and said
You're right Alice it does go down like silk.
Alice couldn't believe it , she was so amazed,
To watch a dolly drink a whole glass of milk
She just stood there in a daze.
How did you do that ? Said Alice.
Well it was so nice said dolly
I had to drink it straight down.
I have never had anything like it before
Did your mum buy it in the town?
Alice laughed and said you can buy it in any shop,
We get it from the one on the corner,
There's an old boy in there we call him pop.

Do you know Dolly Gumtree said Alice,
I am feeling a little bit sad,
Because my dad who is in the army,
Won't believe what a good time we've had.
He is not coming home this weekend,
We could have had so much fun.
You could have talked in front of him.
No said Dolly Gumtree I have already talked
In front of your mum.
They are the rules in Nowhere land
And it simply wouldn't do,
To go talking in front of growups,
We only talk to children like you.
Besides said Dolly Gumtree, it would spoil all the fun,
We couldn't play games like we do with you,
We simply wouldn't have none.

Grownups can be quite boring
They have always got other things to do.
Like going to work and cleraning the car
And of course there is shopping too.
Parents do grown up things
So it simply wouldn't be right,
For them to sit and listen to teddy stories
In the middle of the night.
Children have much more fun said dolly,
Parents take you to Mcdonalds when you like.
They buy you nice presents on your Birthday,
Even a skateboard or a mountain bike.
There's pocket money too,
They do all the paying and you have all the fun.
They even buy you computers
And take you on holidays in the sun.

Yes, you're right said Alice, its much more fun b eing a child,
You can do anything that you want,
As long as you don't make your mum and dad to wild.
With that Alice said dolly I better get ready for bed,
Mu will be up here in a minute,
She stills thinks she dreamt you in her head.
Good said Dolly Gumtree, it's better that way,
We don't want grown up's interfering
Not on Tommy's story night anyway.
Tommy never turned up until midnight
When he knew the coast would be clear.
The toys hung some knotted sheets out of the window
Which he climbed up being an ex mountaineer.

Alice gathered a lot of her toys ands sat them on her bed,
Ready for when Tommy arrived.
The rest of them sat round on the floor instead.
A big bunny with floppy ears called Bengy started to complain,
He said why is it I have to sit on the floor again?
Oh shut up said Dolly Gumtree,
You're always making a noise.
Now sit quiet otherwise you'll spoil it for the other toys.
Fluffy the shy teddy sat on the window sill,
Waiting for a tug on the sheet.
Alice was getting excited, because she had never heard
Any of Tommy's stories complete.

Not that she could remember,
Because the night she fell out of bed,
She thought it was a dream
When she heard Tommy's voice inside her head.
It was all quiet as Tommy tugged on the sheet.
There wasn't a sound to be heard,
Except from his little feet.
Pitter patter on the outside wall,
Then Tommy whispered pull me up before I fall.
All the toys rushed to the window
An d pulled Tommy inside,
Thank heaven's for that he said,
I thought I was on a fairfground ride.
All the toys laughed because he was so funny,
Dolly Gumtree said you're a comedian
You are just like Bengy the bunny.

Alice said now lets all be quiet
So Tommy can tell us his story.
They all settled down and Tommy began,
He said I have many stories
So I will do the best that I can.
Well when I was a sailor said Tommy,
I sailed on the seven seas,
I was Captain on the royal yaught brittania,
And this is how I got these here holes in me knees.
And there were indeed some holes,
Although the light was poor in Alice's room
And they could have been brown moles.
As I was saying said Tommy,
We sailed the seven seas.
We were sailing along quite nicely one night,
It was hot but with a lovely breeze.
When all of a sudden there were sharks all over the place.

Last episode part 8 Tuesday thank you for reading

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