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 Loose Truths Friends 9/2/2004
 We Often Talked in Questions Insight 9/2/2004
 Renter's Secret Insight 8/20/2004
 Phantom of Nevers Insight 8/20/2004
 Silent Knowledge Insight 8/20/2004
 The Last Sip Insight 8/20/2004
 Drip...Drip...Drop Insight 8/20/2004
 Fading Day Insight 8/20/2004
 Red in a Velvet Room Love 9/2/2004
 Crying Love Gone Bad 9/2/2004
 Light of a Dying Day Nature 9/2/2004

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Loose Truths

It hurts me when he drinks.
I feel the pain as his soul sinks.
I know that someday he and I
Will be something to look and see.
Glowing brighter than angry stars
Flying high without nets or wires.

We're two of a kind; a deuce; a pair
Soulmates from a dark doom shared.
They say the sun comes up tomorrow;
But it lays black in the valley of sorrow.
For each tear that manages to fall,
Sincerely we care for one and all
But love given, gets no return
Lonliness makes lone hearts yearn.
The most we have is each other
I confess, I love him like a brother.

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