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 Crying Love Gone Bad 9/2/2004
 Drip...Drip...Drop Insight 8/20/2004
 Fading Day Insight 8/20/2004
 Light of a Dying Day Nature 9/2/2004
 Loose Truths Friends 9/2/2004
 Phantom of Nevers Insight 8/20/2004
 Red in a Velvet Room Love 9/2/2004
 Renter's Secret Insight 8/20/2004
 Silent Knowledge Insight 8/20/2004
 The Last Sip Insight 8/20/2004
 We Often Talked in Questions Insight 9/2/2004

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Slow, slower...& even still more slow
Invincible I was--no emotions to show.
I was now crumbling; the pain had won.
The tears were coming; what had I done.

The pain was so great, it stormed my eyes.
My soul cried from the core; my heart dies.
Everything I was is now reduced to terror
But worse were the ways I had hurt her.

The crying I could not stop, the pain too deep
I could not confine dismay, nor composure keep.
Let tears stream with their downward flow
Drain my soul; its my fault, yes, I know.

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