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Morning Coffee

Morning Coffee

She get up early morn
And walks flipping a switch
Though she has a magic touch
She only wishes she were a witch

Then theres a noise
Of something goin drip
The aroma fills each room
As it goes on its trip

Soon the others wake up
To the smell in the house
Slowly creeping out of bed
Trying to be quiet as a mouse

Some will stumble around
As they rub their eyes
Then work their way to the kitchen
Following the smell for a surprise

As each one pours a cup
And sips away at the brew
But hardly a word is said
Until their cup is through

Some take sugar others cream
Mixing to their own taste
careful not to spill any
It would be a sin to waste

Soon it'll be time for another pot
To brew for the second round
Smiles start to fill the faces
As they hear that dripping sound

This is just the story
Of each mornings brew
A now as I say good night
Come morning
I'll tip my cup to you

Written 4/21/2017 by Norman Hale Jr.

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