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A Place Called Vietnam

A Place Called Vietnam

As they was dropped
Into Vietnam land
It wasn't long until
They changed from boy to man

There were snipers
Hiding in the trees
All ready to greet them
But not say 'come in please'

Then there were
Land mines placed everywhere
And when they went off
The pieces flew in the air

There were people
protesting in the homeland
Fighting against a war
That they did not understand

He lost a lot of good friends
That were fighting by his side
Though they were someones kids
They had no time for tears or pride

They went through 'boot camp'
Getting prepared to fight
But was not ready for this
All this terror in their sight

The ones who made it
Would never be the same
Some had many scars
While others went insane

It would be a war
That no one could win
When they came back, protestors
Frowned on them and their sin

This all took place
In a country called Vietnam
After it was all over
Some called it 'the land of the damned'

Written 5/4/2017 by Norman Hale Jr.

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