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The time will come
When greed shall take your soul
Then it will be to late
To tell Jesus you love Him so

Some are greedy for money
Others greedy for other things
But, it will be to late for us all
Once the end of time bell rings

Your money shall burn
The gold will melt away
Your fancy houses shall burn
As you stand crying on Judgment Day

It will be to late
To reach out for Jesus's hands
And you'll cry out in vain
As your souls sinks into burning sands

Greed will take out so many
For the things they have here-and-now
Never understanding what's yet to come
It will be to late to pray or bow

So repent while you can
And don't let greed take its tow
Fight it with all your might
Before Satan comes to take your soul

Written 1/16/2017 by Norman Hale Jr.

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