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 The Know-It-Alls Life 8/1/2016
 Days Gone By Humorous Poems 8/1/2016
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Look Up Jesus

Look Up Jesus

He is the way
He is the power
He'll be by your side
Every minute of every hour

He is the love
You feel in your heart
He has always been there
Right from the very start

He is the only key
To open up Heavens door
Once you are chosen to enter
Then you'll never need no more

He is that whisper
You hear in the wind
He is our beginning
He'll be there at the end

He leads our way
Right through every test
He'll be there for you
Should your life be such a mess

He is the only way
To see Heavens shores
He already knows our troubles
For He keeps our every score

He is the way
To be forever burden free
If you don't believe me
Just look up Jesus and see

Written 9/12/2016 by Norman Hale Jr.

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