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The Prospecter

The Prospecter

Up in the mountains
He's digging for gold
He was told a story
Of a great mother load

He's lived up there
Back inside of a cave
Someday that hole
Might be his grave

There are some that say
'he's just an old fool'
Digging his life away
With just a few tools

He lives off the land
Only killing what he can eat
Unless some one comes looking
That becomes another treat

He's found a few nuggets
Scattered here and there
But not enough to brag
Just enough to keep him aware

Then there's a rumble
From way down below
He makes a run for it
To get out of that hole

When the dust comes clear
He works his way back in
He feels so guilty
Almost like it was a sin

As he get back in there
There are nugget big as his fist
He breaks down crying
He has finally found his wish

He bags up what he can
And packs it on his mule
Then heads off to town
To show them who's a fool

Written 4/6/2017 by Norman Hale Jr.

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