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Trick-Or-Treat Night

Trick-Or-Treat Night

The decorations are up
The candy is in the bowl
Here comes the children
One is dressed like a troll

Off in the distance
The coyotes begin to howl
The kids are getting leary
Of one ugly looking clown

There comes a policeman
To catch that ugly clown
But he runs and laughs
As he runs out of town

The kids are all dressed
In some scary costumes too
And look up at that sky
That Red moon is shining through

will you look at that
There's a witch broom and hat
She makes her cackling sounds
And is being followed by a black cat

Yes it's Trick-Or-Treat night
In this redneck town tonight
But you better watch out
Some are out to give you a fright

Written 10/25/2016 by Norman Hale Jr.

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