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Blinding Sun

Blinding Sun

The sun was blinding me
As I was driving down the road
I must have hit a pot hole
My car went turning like a toad

When I finally came to
A stranger standing over me
The sun was so bright that day
That couldn't hardly see

He said 'It wasn't your time son!'
'I have other pans for you, you'll see
Now just you lay still help is on it's way'
I said 'but I don't have my phone how can that be?'

It was then I heard the sirens
And they was headed towards me
When I looked back at the stranger
He was gone, then I felt preasure on my knee

It was then I passed out completly
When I came to I was in a hospital bed
There was a nurse standing over me
And I had wires stuck to my head

I asked how did I get here and where am I
She smiled at me and said 'You was brought in by pete'
'You see, he's the ambulance driver around here
He said you was trapped from your knees to your feet'

It took a long time to get healed up again
But that wreck will be forever in my mind
Though I'm better and can walk around again
It's the simpler things that I now seek to find

Just a simple thing as blinding sun caused a wreck
We never know when or where it will be our time
We could be taken out by a drive by shooting
Or a thing simple as the bright sunshine

So say your prayers and stay out of trouble
And be very careful where ever you might go
Because your time could be coming up next
That is something that we just never know

Written 10/12/2016 by Norman Hale Jr.

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