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Audrey And The Deer

Audrey And The Deer

Little Miss Audrey
Was walking down the road
When she saw movement in the ditch
And thought that might be a toad

When she pulled back the weeds
She found a little baby fawn
To her surprise it was still alive
Then she wandered where was the mom

Then she said 'Awe you poor little thing,
Where in the world did your mom go?
You can come home with me
And we can run and play you know!'

So she carried that little deer
All the way home and fed it milk
They ran and played in the yard
She petted it with fur soft like silk

They played games like hide-and-seek
Everyday and that deer did grow
And even games of peek-a-boo
Yes those two put on quite a show

Written 7/4/2016 by Norman Hale Jr.

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