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No Matter What

No Matter What

No matter how hard your day
He's only a prayer away
So get on your knees
At the end of prayer say please

No matter how others see you
Your prayers will see you through
So pray away all your troubles
And he'll take them on the double

Don't let others get in your way
When ever you feel the need just pray
For prayers are always answered it's true
May be not in the time that suits you

But sooner or later they will come true
Just for the simple fact God loves you
So get on your knees give him your burdens
And He shall take just as easy as opening curtains

so what ever bothers you give it to God in prayer
He already gave us his only son so we know he cares
So give him your burdens right there in prayer
And if you make it to heave I hope to see you there

Written 10/20/2016 by Norman Hale Jr.

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