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Past Lifes

Past Lifes

As I passed you on the street
There was a feeling when eyes did meet
As if we had met so long ago
And in the same circle of friends we know

Had we been lovers in another time
Was I yours as you was mine?
Or had we been just distant friends
Where was life leading us this time again?

Would we hold hands down by the shore?
Or were we even meant to love through ever-more
It's your face I've seen a time or two
Even in my dreams it seems my heart cares for you

Did we succeed in our previous life
Did we get married as husband and wife?
Or did our lifes travel different roads
These are just some things we may never know

You have the beauty of a heaven send
Were you sent here to help a heart to mend?
As our eyes met there on that street
I knew my heart was yours in defeat

So, are we destined to keep finding each other
Are we chosen to remain as true lovers
No matter how many lifes we pass through
It seems like love keeps bringing me back to you

Written 1/28/2016 by Norman Hale Jr.

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