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In Every Church

In every church
There are saints and sinners
There are those who know God
Then there are the beginners

There are some
Who claim to be christians
But, once church is over
They don't follow Gods missions

They know not
What's right from wrong
But, play the part
Right up to every song

But, should someone else
Reach their hands out in need
They're liable to bite it off
Over what's known as greed

They want to judge us
With what they know
But we only have one judge
No matter what parade they show

There are so many
That like to Judge others
While they cheat with a neighbor
Like God can't see under the covers

Some are goody-to shoes
When they are in your space
But the tables do turn
When they can't see your face

There are so many
Who like to play Judge or God
And some will never learn
Until they have felt that rod

There are so many
That try to fit the Bible to them
They seem to forget
It was all inspired by Him

So, don't be one of those
Who tries to Judge everyone
For, come Judgement Day
You shall be shunned

No one really knows
What day that might be
So I won't judge you
Don't you try to judge me

God loves us all
All in equal amounts, you see
But, if we turn Him away
You'll be sent to Hell for Eternity

written 3/9/2014 by Norman Hale Jr.

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