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As She Dreams

As She Dreams

As she lays there
In the stillness of the night
Wishing he was right there
Just to hold her tight

But,he got that call
To go off and fight
While others stayed back
Just to protest thier right

She dreams of his return
As she cries herself to sleep
Wiping away her teardrops
Instead of counting sheep

He's fighting for his country
So his kids can grow up safe
While protesters get more angry
Making the fight over there a waste

They are protesting and looting
Making terrorists look sane
Destroying everything in their path
Almost as bad as a hurricane

She lays there everynight
After praying for his return
Some will never understand
All these feelings she yearns

He prays to see her as well
Missing her but must go on
For he is a great soldier
And their job is never done

But he will return to her
If God grants their wishes
And once they meet again
There will be lots of kisses

Written 9/17/2017 by Norman Hale Jr.
2017 norman (All rights reserved)

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