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The Coal Train

The Coal Train

There goes the train
With her smoke streaming black
Pulling her load of coal
Never giving any slack

She whistles extra times
For miners gone on before
For she already knows
They've reached Heavens shore

As she goes to each tunnel
Picking up even more coal
She drags on each box car
Until she reaches her end goal

As she passes through where
Big John was laid to rest
She lets out a big sigh
Then picks up her zest

She pull one hundered cars
Or more at a time a day
Following her tracks
All along her way

Then once she's empty
It's time to go back
Respecting the dead on her way
As she burns the coal so black

To many have already gone on
Digging coal for better lives
Many have been buried in the caves
Leaving back kids and wives

Written 6/10/2017 by Norman Hale Jr.

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