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 May An Angel Visit You Inspirational Poems 7/15/2017
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 The Wind Song Nature 4/29/2017
 The Un-Winnable Fight Love Gone Bad 4/29/2017
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May An Angel Visit You

May An Angel Visit You

May an Angel visit you
While you lay and sleep
May they wipe the tears
Should you start to weep

May they console you
Though you may not know
But you'll feel the comfort
Somewhere in you soul

May an Angel visit you
And take your burdens away
Lift them like a feather
So you wake to a brand new day

May they help relieve you
Of all your aches and pains
May all your very wishes
Come true time and time again

May an Angel visit you
As you dream of Heaven above
May you feel the very feel
Of our Heavenly Fathers Love

Written 7/15/2017 by Norman Hale Jr.

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