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Words Of Wisdom

Words Of Wisdom

As I sat at the bar
An old man sat down beside
He said 'Boy, you look rough,
Like you've been on a long ride

I've seen a lot my boy
In this here old world
Been with lovely ladies
And had some pretty girls!'

I just sat and listened
To this old mans tales
Listening to his life
Wandering what was for sale

He said 'Boy when I was young
There wasn't anything I couldn't do
I was strong and hard headed
Kind of put me in mind of you!

Life is full of troubles, boy
You'll have good times and bad
You'll find good times, boy
Once you get past the sad

Everything's for a reason
Life is full of tests
At times along the way
You'll find no time for rest

Love while you can
Those that treat you right
Those that do you wrong
Leave them behind like the night

It was just about then
That old mans head hit the bar
He died right about then
He was gone like a shooting star

I think of the old mans words
Each time trouble comes my way
As I remember those words of wisdom
That the old man had to say

Now was he really a man?
Or a messanger from above
Meant to bring those words
Full of so much wisdom and love

I never heard about his funeral
As if that old man didn't exist
But his words of wisdom
At time gives me no rest

Written 4/25/2017 by Norman Hale Jr.

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