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Under The Ocean Bank

Under The Ocean Bank

Under the ocean bank
Along the sea shore
There lives a tiny witch
Who's lived there forevermore

She eats the clams
The turtles and the fish
But it's the little children
That are her favorite dish

She stirs her pot
Until the meat is so tender
Then her and her cat eats
As if it came from a blender

She's lived there for years
Watching with a stare so cold
Waiting for her next victim
She hopes they're not so bold

She stirs in her pot
Trying to make a magic brew
To draw in new victims
The next one could be me or you

So, watch out for those caves
Along those ocean banks
Who knows? with this warning
It might be me you'll thank

Written 3/16/2016 by Norman Hale Jr.

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