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They Are Too Mean

Ten little elves
Where working on toys
Building and molding them
For the goodgirls and boys

When one came accross
Eva and Audreys names
He said 'These girls don't need toys
They are too mean, that's no game

Santa sends me to spy
On those girls each night
They don't want to go to bed
And give the parents a fight

And, oh that Evas mouth
Goes yack-yack non-stop
She don't want to go to sleep
With the time on the clock

And that Audrey noel
Well she's rotten and mean
She pulls her sisters hair
Until she cries and scream

So I don't think
They need any toys
Let's just send these
To the good girls and boys

All the other elves
Nodded and agreed
To send those toys
To children in need

So come Christmas morning
Those girls may not have any joys
Because Christmas morning
They won't have any new toys

written 12/22/13 by Norman Hale Jr.

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