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Bottled up

It's been dark for one week straight.

The weeds of doubt blossom as hope's flowers begin to wither and wilt.

It's getting harder to breath...

each second that ticks by.. the sound no longer comforting

but a reminder of days unnoticed passing by

.... one by one...

the birds are mute,

their voices lost like the sun..

My eyes have become accustomed to

the lonely shinning of the moon,

but my soul still yearns for the light of life

to return soon..

I get hope when a cloud seems to break away..

Allowing the escape of a single ray

... of sun.. of light.. of hope

to shine through...

I run to it,

eager to reach it's warmth and to bask in its embrace.

If only i had a bottle to store this amazing grace..

to look upon like some comforting face

in the future darkened days

that leave me hallowed out and cold

with the false feeling of being all alone

But I'll gladly take this little ray of light

until the day again I gain full sight...

and see doubt become wilted from my hearts exuberant heat..

and watch while hope begins to grow


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