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 Dear Nephew Childrens Poetry 10/24/2016
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 You must fight! Dedications 1/18/2007
 I am with you always and forever Dedications 11/2/2007
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 whatta catch! Love 9/6/2008
 Here alone Love 10/19/2006
 YOU love him Love Gone Bad 9/13/2006
 Bleed for me Love Gone Bad 10/24/2016
 I see Love Triangle 11/6/2007
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Dear Nephew

Dear Nephew,
I'd like to thank you for the many gifts you bring into my life.
When you run to me with open arms, I feel the gift of hope.
When your bright eyes look up into mine and you smile brightly, you give me a future.
When you precious hand is holding onto mine, you lead me to wonder.
When your laughter fills my ears, you open my eyes to joy.
When you dance with accomplishment so fiercly, you bring me courage.
When you sing with all your heart, you present to me passion.
When you lay your head on my lap and let me run my finger through your hair, you instill peace within my soul.
So thank you dear nephew, for your many gifts, and for wrapping them all in love!

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