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 Beneath the Same Sky Misc 2/19/2013
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 Life Life 2/11/2013
 Tides Of Love Misc 2/11/2013
 “Oceans Between” Love 2/8/2013
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Beneath the Same Sky

Living in the same city
Will we ever see each other?
We have the same needs
We breath the same air
We want the same things
We feel the same soil beneath our feet
Talk to the same moon late at night
Looking up at the same sky
With glittering eyes
Culture our dark cloud
Not a moment alone
Without you dwelling in my heart
We share the same ache
Yearning each other's touch
When our souls meet late at night
Our colours intertwined
No one but the frowning moon to see
In love nothing can keep us apart
We walk the same white sandy beaches
We find solace in isolated placed
Colours of our love
Beneath the blanket of stars

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