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 “My last breath for you” Love 7/26/2013
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 'Swirl of Life' Life 6/9/2013
 “Dance of the Swaying Trees” Inspirational Poems 6/7/2013
 “Unwrap Me” Mature Audience 6/7/2013
 “UGLY TRUTHS” Life 6/7/2013
  “PRETTY LIES” Life 6/7/2013
 “I Believe in Fairies” Fantasy Poems 6/7/2013
 Cocooned in a Single Being Insight 6/7/2013
 “For you, My Love” I Love You 5/9/2013
 “The Dark Side of Me” Dark Poetry 5/9/2013
 “Sealed with a Kiss” Love 5/9/2013
 “ALWYAS A MEOW” Love 5/1/2013
 “Love Lingers” Love 5/1/2013
 “Mr. Incredible” Love 5/1/2013
 Beauty of True Love Misc 4/27/2013
 Sunrise and I Love 4/27/2013
 “Ponder Yonder” Misc 4/27/2013
 “Under The Wise Old Oak Tree” Love 4/27/2013
 “ALWYAS A MEOW” Misc 4/27/2013
 “Song in My heart” Love 4/17/2013
 “Starting Anew” Life 4/17/2013
 “Sun and Moon” Love 4/17/2013
 “EGRAVED IN STONE” 7 Life 4/2/2013
 'Engraved in Stone' 6 Life 4/2/2013
 “Engraved in Stone“ 5 Life 4/2/2013
 “Engraved in Stone” 4 Life 4/2/2013
 “Trusting Blindly” Spiritual Poems 4/2/2013
 “Writing in the Air” Misc 4/2/2013
 “Just so you know that I know” Misc 4/2/2013
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“My last breath for you”

I must have done something right
To have you by my side
Because you deserve so much more
Than what I give and say
All that I know
Is that no one will ever love you the way that I do
If there was a word or understanding
Of what love is
Let it be a photo of what you see in my face
All I know is that I found my purpose in you
And if you should breathe your last breath
I want to be there holding your hand
And when I say my last words it should be of you

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