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 Eternal Embrace Love 4/1/2013
 “IN MY ARMS” Love 3/28/2013
 “O Mighty Tree, My Home” Inspirational Poems 3/28/2013
 THE POWER OF YOU Collaborations 3/26/2013
 “Sweet Revenge” Life 3/26/2013
 'Engraved in Stone' 2 Short Stories 3/26/2013
 “Engraved In Stone” 1 Misc 3/26/2013
 PersianKhushi Collaborations 3/26/2013
 “Souls Departure” Insight 3/21/2013
 'World on His Shoulders' Life 3/21/2013
 “The Fresh Air” Spiritual Poems 3/21/2013
 “I Stole a Kiss” Love 3/21/2013
 Upside Down Misc 3/15/2013
 Mystical Meadows Fantasy Poems 3/15/2013
 No More Love Gone Bad 3/15/2013
 Feel Love 3/15/2013
 Lone Dance Love Gone Bad 3/14/2013
 Destiny Awaits Love 3/14/2013
 STAR Love 3/14/2013
  “Sighs of Contentment” Love 3/14/2013
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 “Dear Heart” Love 3/11/2013
 “Dear Diary” 2 Unrequited Love 3/11/2013
 “Palace in the Sky” Misc 3/11/2013
 “Dear Diary” Dedications 3/11/2013
 “Coming back to Pure Colours” Insight 3/10/2013
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Eternal Embrace

Their fevered lips leaving thrilling trails of moist rippling quakes
In the most fulfilling embrace true love can find
With words endearing as heaven smiles on them
Depth of their love illuminating their souls
Eternal moments in ecstasy of love
Having mastered trials and tribulation
Hand in hand together
Breathing each other
Hearts bound

Out of the Box Challenge # 50

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