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  At last I found you Love 3/4/2013
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 'Engraved in Stone' 2 Short Stories 3/26/2013
 'Engraved in Stone' 6 Life 4/2/2013
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 At Last I found You Love 2/27/2013
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 Awakening pulse Inspirational Poems 2/3/2013
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 “A Child’s Utopia” Fantasy Poems 4/23/2014
 “A Confession” Misc 2/19/2013
 “A Place worse than Hell” Love Gone Bad 2/1/2013
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At last I found you

The one my soul has been searching for
The one with whom I want to spend my life
Holding hands gazing into your eyes
Consumed by the love we share
Embracing as the moon and stars
Bow their heads
To our heavenly match
I anticipate our first embrace
As you mould me to your chest
The twinkle in your eyes
Pure love and adoration
We each have sailed stormy seas
To come to port
You and I


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