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 SO LET Life 8/18/2019
 TUCK Life 8/17/2019
 CHIEF Life 8/17/2019
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 BEEN DRIVING Life 8/17/2019
 FACE Insight 8/16/2019
 PLEASANT Quotes 8/16/2019
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 IF Insight 8/16/2019
 BOGGING Life 8/15/2019
 GIFT Life 8/14/2019
 I'D Life 8/14/2019
 LIMIT Insight 8/13/2019
 MIND Insight 8/13/2019
 I JOINED Life 8/13/2019
 GOD BLESS AMERICA Dedications 8/12/2019
 THE GREATEST Quotes 8/12/2019
 HONOR TO WHOM World Events 8/12/2019
 WITHOUT Life 8/11/2019
 ESCAPE  Life 8/11/2019
 I DON'T KNOW Life 8/11/2019
 SUPREMACIST World Events 8/10/2019
 NO SUPRISE Life 8/10/2019
 NEGATIVE Life 8/9/2019
 BE GOOD Life 8/9/2019
 SILENT World Events 8/8/2019
 YOUR LOVE MEANS Life 8/8/2019
 GOOD VERSUS EVIL World Events 8/7/2019
 UNSTOPPABLE World Events 8/7/2019
 EXISTENCE Life 8/7/2019

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So let the Son shine in.
Our love is around the bend.

Let the Son shine in.
Emmanuel did send.
True hope within.

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